PCC The Philosophy of My View of Children as Future Leaders Essay

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  1. Create a professional philosophy also using Microsoft Word.  The students’ philosophies should reflect upon their view of children and how children learn, the teacher’s role in the child’s learning, the role of the environment in children’s learning, the role of assessment, what children should be learning and accomplishing, and the theorists and theories that provide the framework for the environment and teaching practice.  Each paragraph should contain a minimum of 4-5 sentences in length each.  It is important to remember that this is to be based off of your current knowledge.  We will edit throughout the semester in preparation for the final portfolio assignment at the end of the semester!
  2. Next, complete the Chapter 2 Reflection: Question 1 at the end of Chapter 2.  For each bullet point, you will need to write 3-4 good and detailed sentences for your response and include points from the text to back up your viewpoints.
  3. Then, using the divider tabs you purchased for your portfolio, create 6 sections in your 1/2″ binder using the six NAEYC Standards for Professional Preparation Programs (listed below).  We will add to this portfolio throughout the semester  and in future Early Childhood courses.
    1. Promoting Child Development and Learning
    2. Building Family and Community Relationships
    3. Observing, Documenting and Assessing
    4. Using Developmentally Effective Approaches to Connect to Children and Families
    5. Using Content Knowledge to Build Meaningful Curriculum
    6. Becoming a Professional

Once you have completed parts 1-4, upload parts 1-3 to the assignment link, print a copy of each assignment, and then place all three assignments in your portfolio as follows:

  • The Autobiography should be placed in the portfolio Section 2: Building Family and Community Relations
  • The Professional Philosophy Statement should be placed in the portfolio section 6: Becoming a Professional
  • The Chapter 2: Reflection 1 should be placed in the portfolio section: Standard 1 Promoting child development and learning.  

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