Grand Canyon University Public Health Intervention Paper

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For this assignment, use your previous assignments to create the first draft of your Public Health Intervention paper. This goal of this assignment is to synthesize steps and needs for your proposed intervention in a professional paper. Be sure to incorporate the recommended revisions and feedback provided by your instructor from your previous assignments.

In a 1,500-1,750 word paper, discuss the following:

  1. Describe the selected health issue and the at-risk population. Explain why this population is more at-risk as compared to other populations.
  2. Discuss three or more health behaviors contributing to at-risk behavior that can be modified to reduce the health Explain how changing these health behaviors will prevent the risk factors from happening.
  3. Outline your proposed evidence-based intervention and discuss how the intervention will support the target population in reducing the health issue. Identify the theory or model used for your intervention and explain how it is used to inform your intervention.
  4. Describe financial and human resources needed for the intervention. Discuss potential sources of funding and explain why these sources are most realistic for your intervention.
  5. Describe how the project will be managed. Include key activities and tasks, who will complete the tasks, and how these activities and tasks will be prioritized.
  6. Discuss what professional development, training, and professional networking will be needed to support the intervention.
  7. Create an appendix for your paper. Include your revised logic model, budget, and implementation plan. 

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