Effective Teaching Dissussion

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Topic 1

Effective teaching is fostered by the set of skills the teacher owns. This includes credentials, social skills, plans for the students and the teacher his/herself.  Kids bring their own set of experiences to the class, (which can be influenced by their SES, upbringing, and general perceptions)  (Berns, 2016) and with them, attitudes. Effective teaching manages these attitudes efficiently and flexibly, accepting differences and working with them.

Topic 2

Growing up in a rather conventional middle class white american family, with a somewhat simple non stately fashion sense, there has always been an itching political assumption that we were among the lot of really, very, extremely extreme die-hard republicans. This could not be further from the truth, we are actually very liberal, and yet those among our neighbors with “Pray for Trump” stickers plastered to their car never fail to strike up conversation with us because they think we are not. 

Being introduced to the school environment took adjustment, because of how rarely it was Laissez Faire. 

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