BDSTCU Impacts of Racism on the Emotional Well Being Discussion

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This Assignment is designed to aid your progress in crafting the final Research Proposal (Signature Assignment). Here, our goal is the production of a sentence outline to be used in creating the Introduction section.

Choose a topic in Psychology that you would like to investigate. The index of your old Intro book would be an excellent place to browse; you can also check this out:

Find at least 5 original empirical sources that address the topic. Provide references, in APA style, at the end of your submission.

For the purposes of the outline, read the abstracts of the 5 papers*.

Formulate a sentence outline that summarizes the findings of the 5 papers (one or two sentences per source).

Provide a Rationale for investigating the topic further (1 or 2 sentences).

Give a Conceptual Hypothesis for your Proposed Study (1 or 2 sentences).

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