ASSA Curiosity Plays a Crucial Role in The Learning Process Discussion

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Please respond to daisy with 200 words

1) Discuss your thoughts on the video. Did you learn anything new? What was the most interesting thing you saw or heard?

I learned that a child’s curiosity can create real and authentic learning experiences.I completely agree with what Bev Boss believes in, the “curiosity” of the child. As we grow into adults, we forget what it’s like to be a child. A child is very attentive to details, curious of the world and everything around them. I don’t understand why adulthood will make us lose that curiosity that was instilled in us as children. It is beautiful to be able to learn about everything and anything. To be able to use our imagination and creativity can help us to lead a happier and healthier life. It’s unfortunate that the majority of us don’t keep that inner child-like personality inside us forever.

The topic of how a child can learn hands on, something that comes from inside of them, that is how learning can truly teach a child. Not by watching, but by doing. This was very interesting to me.

2) Read pages 8-10 in your text. How does an effective environment support positive behavior? Do you think Bev has an effective environment? Why or why not?

Effective environments support positive behavior by giving the child the experience to use their imagination and curiosity to learn. In the example given by the Professor, the picture of the children playing with tools and costumes, gives the child a better and realistic picture that will help them to learn and engage in social and cognitive development.

I highly believe that Bev has an effective environment. She believes that if children are not heard, do not experience hands on then they will not learn. Children need to naturally learn, physically learn and be relevant to what they are learning in order to really capture the experience, if not they will forget the majority of the time.

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