Grantham University Sociology Current Events Journal Discussion

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Current Events Journal 10


1.0 page typed reaction essay to a current news article (within 2 days of entry date). This essay should utilize references from the text and supplemental readings.

  • What is happening?
  • Why is this article important to you?
  • How is it relevant sociologically?
  • Should we care?
  • Use your imagination and creativity!!!

The article must be cited fully: (author, title, periodical, date, hyperlink). All students must use Journal entries are to be non-sports, non-entertainment related. In addition, the journal entries must attempt to reflect the current course material when possible (economy, gender, race, etc.).

We have come to discuss the family.

The family is blamed for many problems in America, especially by politicians who always seem to state that “we have lost our family values”. Can you blame the family? Is the family just one of the many social institutions in society. Remember structure functionalism, the institutions in society are interrelated. The family is an easy target, to blame, to point fingers at. It is easy to blame bad people doing bad things. However, what you should know already, or be thinking as you are reading this (as young sociologists), is the fact that the family is merely a reflection of society; it is affected by the society in which it is located. Think about all of the problems within the family, can they not be related to issues outside of the home?

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