GCU Social Science Using Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom Discussion

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you will also complete and turn in a final exam which will consist of  finding and recording 6 ( SIX) different methods/strategies you can use in your classes according to your subject areas. Make sure to structure these methods to the subject you teach. Your textbook is filled with many methods/strategies that can be used in various ways for various reasons. You may even find some of these strategies in those article critiques you have turned in to me as well as the Strategies that Differentiate Booklet in the course resources section. 

The final exam must be completed and submitted into Canvas on Feb.7, 2022. This is the only day I will accept this exam. You may of course turn it in before the due date.

Each strategy should be written on a separate sheet. You must include the following five steps at the top for each one of the six strategies you choose: 

1. Label each strategy at the very top of the page- Kind of strategy (For example- Strategy to Create a Supportive Environment)

2. Name or Title of the strategy (For example- Cooperative Learning Strategy

3. Researcher/ Author-If a specific person is associated with this strategy, give that name, the name of book or article, and page no. (For example, Gayle Gregory and Carolyn Chapman, Differentiated Instructional Strategies, (p.70).  If the information comes from your text book you may even give the page number for later reference. If the info comes from an article that you critiqued, you may use that as well.I am emphasizing the researchers in the field of D. I. because I want you to be more than familiar with these researchers and their contributions. You have encountered many of them while reading your text book, reading the articles and watching some of the videos. Learn who they are beginning with the two authors of your text and be able to tell of their contributions to the field. 

Please look in your Course Resources( the section at the end of Module 10) to find an On Target booklet on STRATEGIES THAT DIFFERENTIATE INSTRUCTION- Grades 4-12 by South Dakota’s Education Service Agencies. This publication should help with some differentiation basics and explanations of a few strategies you may not have seen in your textbook. The booklet also contains websites to explore and a good list of reference books for further reading. Many of you have comps coming up and this is the kind of information that you may need to know to pass the test.

4. Explanation-I will need a full and complete explanation of the method/strategy.

5.  Use in my Subject Area– Detailed full and complete explanation of How and Why you will use this strategy in your classroom.

The six methods/strategies must be presented including all the five things I have outlined above.

The following is the list of  the Six methods/strategies you will include:

1.Strategies that are used to determine students’ learning styles/profiles based on experiential learning.

2.Strategies that create a supportive environment for learning.

3.Create a strategy using Menus.  Use the booklet on Strategies That Differentiate Instruction (Go to the Course Resources in Canvas to help you with this one)

4.Strategies to capture students’ attention.

5.Strategies using Cubing.

    6. Strategies that help students deal with massive amounts of content.

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