BUSI 345 Leadership Theory and Practices Discussion

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Read the posts of your peers and post a scholarly response to the initial posts of two. Discuss similarities or differences in your reflections on behavioral and situational leadership. Include text concepts, relevant research, and professional or practical experiences to support your responses.


Some of the key elements in the study of behavioral approaches to leadership are the personality characteristics of a leader and the skilled approach which emphasizes the leaders. The behavioral approach focuses mostly on what the leader does and how they act. Where leadership is composed of two kinds of behaviors. They are task behaviors and relationship behaviors. The task behaviors focus on goal accomplishment. This helps group members to achieve their objectives. Relationship behaviors help followers feel comfortable with themselves, others and with what they find themselves. The purpose of both behaviors is to combine behaviors to influence followers to reach their goals.

Comparing directive behaviors to supportive behaviors. Is that directive behavior help group members accomplish goals by giving directions, establishing goals and methods of evaluations, setting timelines, defining roles, and showing how goals are to be achieved. Directive behaviors use one-way communication, by what is to be done, and how it is to be done, and lastly who is responsible for doing it. With Supportive behaviors they help group members feel comfortable about themselves and their coworkers, and the situation. Supportive behaviors involve two-way communication and responses that show social and emotional support to others. The situational approach stresses that leadership is both a directive and a supportive dimension and can be applied in given situations.

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