BRE 100 Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and Chelmsford Real Estate Response

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Please respond to curtis with 150 words 

Course: BRE 100, Real Estate Practice

Student Name:  Curtis 

Today’s Date: 10/25/2022

Chapter # 1


Chapter 1 is an introduction to real estate practice. Chapter 1 covers the important of short term and long-term goals. Chapter 1 discuss the how to select your broker. Chapter 1 also discuss on how to become the best salesperson.

Key Concept from Chapter 1

I learned from this chapter you need six months of saving to start off when you first get in the real estate business because your clients needs should be your first priority, not your concerns about paying your personal bills (pg 3).Chapter 1 also discuss how you select an employing broker on observing the real estate sign, advertising, and the brokerage websites in the areas you plan to service. Chapter 1 also discuss most brokers carry error and omission insurance, which is usually paid for by the salesperson at close escrow (pg 7).

Key Concept from Chapter 2

I learned from this chapter is comparative market analysis is data that gives the sellers a price range for the home by comparing the details of similar homes in a particular area that have recently sold (pg 40).  I also learn about open house that is a planned period during which a property for sale is held for public viewing (pg 42). This chapter also discuss electronic media on how the internet is the one of the most important types of advertising media available to real estate companies (pg 48).

Key Concept from Chapter 1

The third concept I learn from this chapter is geographical farm is immediately contact your sphere of influence network, including friends, relatives, past and present coworkers, trades and service people, etc (pg 17).  On a monthly basis, contact your geographical farm (pg 17). Also to become an expert you should create your own area of expertise by becoming knowledgeable in condo sales, new sales, probates, foreclosures, or property management (pg 19).


This chapter I got a lot of knowledge on how to be a salesperson become good at their work. I learned a lot about real estate marketing and advertising for buyers and sellers. The chapter also discuss your company an your own professional website.

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