Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics Social Science Discussion

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BOOK: ARistotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Only use the book

BOOK: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Yasmin, Dustin, and Andrew are walking on York Road on Friday night when a fight breaks out among a group of young intemperate strangers. Dustin immediately springs into action, jumping in the middle of the scuffle. Andrew determines there’s no value in absorbing punches and heads home. Yasmin decides she can use her blackbelt jujitsu skills to disarm the aggressors and prevent serious harm. Who has behaved virtuously? Why he/she? Where did the other two fall short?

2) Austin, Tom, and Gavin are councilmen of the city of Winterfell’s Point. Alcoholism has become a major social ill in recent years. Austin proposes a ban on alcohol. Gavin introduces an alcohol tax to discourage sales and provide funds for the rehab clinic. Tom suggests each person has the right to determine how much he/she wants to drink and proposes repealing the remaining restrictions on the buying & selling of alcohol. Which councilmen best embodies Aristotle’s idea of a lawgiver? What is wrong with the other proposals?

minimum of 500 words each question, so I am expecting at least 1000 words

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