write 4-5 pages on parenting styles on human growth and development on children

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Topic: Parenting Styles Impact on Human Growth and Development on Children


  • How is the topic defined or conceptualized? 
  • Importance to the field of human development 
  • At what age and stage does this issue typically impact a person? 
  • What is its potential impact on a person’s development progress? 
  • What is the impact to cognitive, social, emotional, relationship, and/or moral dimensions of development?

Developmental Impact

Faith & Professional Perspectives

  • Are there Christian principles or biblical themes that provide explanation or clarification you want to include? 
  • What are the most important considerations for human services providers to know as they work with individuals and families experiencing this impact to development? 


  • Provide 2 suggestions of educational readings that you might suggest if a client was impacted by your topic. What reading materials would be most beneficial and appropriate for your clients? You must research literature, read reviews and excerpts, and become knowledgeable and comfortable with the content of the materials. Then, make 2 suggestions of the best information you found and would be comfortable recommending to clients. Provide the title, a link to the source, and a 1-paragraph explanation of the content.

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