SWK 293 SUNY Working with Communities & Organizations in Social Work Discussion

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  • Textbook is: Generalist Practice with Organizations and Communities. By Karen K. Kirst-Ashman, Grafton H. Hull Jr.
  • https://sg1lib.org/dl/5005562/22d297
  • 4 references in APA 7th edition format including textbook. Minimum words needed for the questions in the assignment = 750.


  • What are the five functions of the community and illustrate the how the three levels of social work is interconnected through one of the functions?
  • NOTE: From the class lectures, the 5 functions are: 1) Production, distribution, and consumption. 2) Socialization. 3) Social control. 4) Social participation. 5) Mutual support.

  • THREE ethical dilemmas in the macro context and what are our roles in addressing it as Social Workers?
  • NOTE: There are differences between an ethical dilemma and an ethical issue.
  • NOTE: Role = Counsellor. Function = Counselling.
  • What are the different types of advocacy tactics and discuss how are they applicable to the SINGAPORE LOCAL context.

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