Social Work Practice With Clients Essay

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Social Work Assignment.

Title: Social work practice with clients.

– 4 references – minimum. (Use the textbook as one reference followed by another 3 other references).(APA 7th edition format is important).

– Textbook for the subject: Direct Practice in Social Work: Pearson New International Edition. By Scott W. Boyle.

Read the case study below and answer all the questions.

Ben is a primary six student at Redfort primary school in Singapore.  He has been with Evershine Student Care centre since he was in primary one. Ben is known to be a friendly student with a pleasant disposition. The centre teachers are very fond of Ben, especially after he had lost his natural father suddenly. They see him as a diligent and responsible child. He is very sociable and has no problems mingling with his peers or other adults in the centre. A week ago, the staff at the centre approached you regarding their concerns over Ben recently. They had highlighted that Ben had been “rather quiet and withdrawn.” He is no longer cheerful. He tends to spend most of his time alone. A couple of students had also seen Ben crying in the toilet. The teacher-in-charge at the student care, Ms Rani had highlighted that she had spoken with Ben’s form teacher, Mdm Fatimah at Redfort primary school who had shared that Ben had been slacking in his work and had not been submitting his school assignments on time. The teacher had been very concerned as Ben is sitting for his Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) this year. She had raised her concerns with Ms Sara (Ben’s mother). As the social worker stationed in the student care centre to attend to the needs of the students, you are required to follow up with Ben and his family. After some onsite observations of Ben in the student care and a brief telephone conversation with Ms Sara, you gather the following information.

The family comprises Mr Oliver de Cruz, 41 and his second wife Ms Sara LIM, 34. He had divorced his first wife three years ago. His 16-year-old daughter, Jessy decided to follow her dad as her mum had moved to Canada after her remarriage. This is also Sara’s second marriage. Her first husband passed away suddenly due to a workplace mishap in 2020. Ms Sara’s son is Ben, who is 12 years of age. Both Mr Oliver and Ms Sara were introduced to each other by mutual friends. They courted for about 6 months before deciding to go ahead with a simple ROM (Registry of Marriage) ceremony. Both had the blessings of their parents and extended family members. According to Ms Sara, Ben had mentioned that the marriage was taking place a little too soon as he feels awkward addressing Mr Oliver as his father. Jessy, on the other hand is rather indifferent to their marriage. She only speaks to Sara on a need basis. She is mainly independent and goes to her dad should she need any financial or emotional support. She has lost all contact with her natural mum and her extended family. Mr Oliver’s extended family members had migrated to Australia. His parents, both 68 years, migrated to Australia with his older brother, Mr Victor’s family. Mr Victor’s only daughter, Ivy is 3 years old. She has severe autism. Both Mr & Mrs Victor had felt that Australia may offer better opportunities for the girl due to her special needs. Hence, they renounced their Singapore citizenship and left for Australia in 2020. Ms Sara’s mum, Mdm Lim is 74 years old and a widow. She resides in a small rental apartment in Bukit Purmei housing estate with Ms Sara’s sister, Ms Tara, 36, a single-parent and her 10-year-old son, Colin. Ms Sara used to visit the family often with Ben as he is very close to Colin. However, they have not been visiting them as she has been very busy taking on her new role as a wife and juggling between her current work and new household. The family is financially stable with Mr Oliver working as a regional manager and Ms Sara, as a yoga instructor. Mr Oliver and Jessy moved in to stay with Ms Sara and Ben in their middle size apartment in Ang Mo Kio housing estate. According to Ms Sara, Ben is cordial with his step father and sister. She admitted that she had been very busy lately as she had just joined a new workplace. Hence, she has not been able to spend much time with Ben. Ben’s step sister, Jessy has also been busy with school as she will be sitting for a very important secondary school exam (O’ Levels) this year.

Comment on any THREE PERSONAL bias that any member of the De Cruz family is likely to evoke in you as their social worker. Examine the source of this bias. Illustrate how would you overcome it so as not to negatively impact your work with the family?

When answering this question, you might wish to think about your values as a person, your self-awareness and reflection as a social work student or social worker.Where is the source of this bias, is it based on your belief system, or other aspects of your life?

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