SOC 414 Social Science Essay

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Answer each question with clarity and 250-300 words

1. Compare and contrast two racial-ethnic groups (Blacks and Indians)
Specifically, what has been the experience of each in/with the United States over time?
How are their experiences different from one another?
2. What, in general, has been the transformation of movements to fight racism? Why did
they become more militant in the 60s/70s? What was the shift in thinking and strategy? In
other words, what was the fundamental critique of the U.S. that began to develop? Why is
this critique still important today and important to keep in mind when dealing with issues
of race and racism in society? Relatedly (perhaps helpfully), what does it mean when
James Baldwin says that it is late in the day to be talking about race relations’”? Why
can we say that the solutions to our problems are not to be found in blackness but in

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