Rasmussen College Intervention Models for Crisis Paper

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A survivor of a natural disaster is standing in the rubble of everything she owns with tears streaming down her face. A war veteran sits angrily in your office and refuses to answer your questions. A rape survivor tells you the account of her sexual assault with no voice inflection or emotion while she is waiting to be examined in the emergency room. These are situations you may encounter while working in crisis treatment. Where do you begin? What are the appropriate skills to use when tragedy is staring you in the face? How do you begin to engage clients who are unable to think past the images and memories in their minds? This week you focus on the skills and characteristics needed for effective crisis treatment.

Certain skills and characteristics are specific to working with survivors of critical incidents. Skills for crisis intervention require that you approach the client with a crisis framework. There are a variety of intervention models that define approaches for working within a crisis framework. These models include, but are not limited to, the 7 Tasks/Steps Model of Crisis Intervention and the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention. This week illustrates effective crisis and trauma intervention models. Effective crisis response skills and characteristics help to create a safe, therapeutic environment for survivors of critical incidents.

For this Discussion, select one intervention model, and four skills or characteristics that you think are most important when working with trauma survivors.

A brief description of a crisis intervention model and discuss what about this model was intrigued you. Next, explain the basic tenets of the model and how the model is relevant to working with crisis survivors. Next, identify four crisis response skills, and/or characteristics of a social worker, that are most important when working with those who are experiencing crisis.

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