Molloy College Sociology Work and Occupation The Time Bind Paper

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PLEASE READ : the time bind by arlie hochschild

Think about your workplace and ask yourself, does your workplace instill values that employees are expected to to live by? Things specific that your workplace tries to instill in you as employees. Make note of those values being instilled and expected from the employees at Amoco and then do a comparison to the values and morals that are being installed in trying to be instilled in your own workplace. How family friendly is the organization you work for? and what does that look like? What do you think would be ideal?

You can also analyze a chapter that you find interesting. You will want to address the main points of the reading, how the author is applying theory or research to communicate the main points, how this may relate back to any previous readings in this course, and then a critical analysis of the piece(s).

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