Findings, Results, Discussions, Recommendations

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Review the Teen Parenting Case Study and Variables and the Teen Parenting Dataset, given in the resources. Put the data into SPSS, label the variables properly, and then analyze the data using the tests you selected. You should have a report on each of the variables provided in the dataset and you should choose the proper way to analyze the data and represent it. Dig deep into the data to look at trends and patterns in all of the variables. Use more complex statistical tests to see relationships between the different variables.

Assignment Instructions

Complete the following:

  • Interpret and report the findings based on the program evaluation. Be sure to comment on all significant results.
  • Evaluate the dataset provided and discuss the findings. Comment on significant details in the dataset.
  • Analyze the implications of your findings and evaluations. What implications does your study have for the problem and agency?
  • Describe any research limitations that should be considered in the implementation of this research study. How might you improve the study?
  • Develop best practice recommendations based on the research findings. Support your recommendations with a clear rationale based on the statistics.

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