BCOU Mindfulness Model Discussion

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Paper details:

The paper for this class gives you an opportunity to explore an effective application of mindfulness practice. This is a chance to further investigate mindfulness with a population and in a setting of interest to you. The paper will include a literature review, including relevant research in your area of interest. You will be highlighting at least 3 articles from journals (not websites, blogs, magazines or newspapers please) addressing the specific applied area of mindfulness of your choice. At least one of the articles should discuss an actual research study. You may also want to include theoretical or research based material from a book as one of your sources. You will also be asked to include a potential model of implementation. How would you actually share mindfulness with this population? What practices would you include? You can base your model on formats that already exist, or you can create your own. In any case, be creative in adjusting this model to include what you believe would be most effective.

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