ASSA Dr Speedy Had a Valid Reason to Speed at That Time Discussion

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Please respond to rachael with 200 words

here is the original post:

Chapter 1 Discussion: Should Dr. Speedy have been issued a citation?

Dr. Speedy, a medical doctor, was recently telephoned to perform emergency surgery on a patient who was just involved in a serious auto accident. Dr. Speedy was told that the patient may not survive if Dr. Speedy does not arrive at the hospital as soon as possible.

Dr. Speedy ignores the local speed limit and drives excessively to arrive at the hospital ASAP. Officer Friendly radars Dr. Speedy driving 75 m.p.h. in a 15 m.p.h. school zone. This occurred at 2:00 a.m., and no children were seen in the area. Nevertheless, Officer Friendly issues a speeding citation to Dr. Speedy.

In your initial post, explain if you believe Dr. Speedy should have been issued the citation.



here is Rachael’s post:

From my view, I would say Dr. Speedy had a very good reason to be speeding at the time he was in a rush to save a life of someones family member. But at the same time, he could have hurt or killed someone in the process. From a legal standpoint, I would say Officer Friendly had every right to give Dr. Speedy a citation as in ppt lecture it says that “Substantive Laws: rules of conduct for behavior that is called for or prohibited-these rules tell us how to act.” This gives Officer friendly every right to give Dr. Speedy the citation but Officer Friendly could help get Dr. Speedy to get to the hospital faster by taking him or letting him follow him in order to save the life of the person.

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