Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Special Topics In Construction Essay

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Pleas eread the original post and respond to Jonathons Post with 200 words

Original Post

There are news stories every day about someone getting injured or killed on a construction jobsite from one of the issues covered in this unit. Choose a story that is recent, within the past 6 months, and discuss the initial report and any follow up you might find. Include the URL to the news item so that others can look at that news story. Which of the three (excavations, confined spaces, trenches) do you think causes the most injuries or fatalities? Explain your answer.

Jonathons Post

Good morning,

The story I choose is titled “2 Killed in Trench Collapse Should Still be Alive” 2 Killed in Trench Collapse Should Still be Alive – Confined Space ( ,. To summarize the incident, two workers were killed in a trench collpse working on a basement in a residential construction project. The disturbing twist to this incident is the trench box was sitting beside the 9 ft deep trench unused.I believe that for this particular incident there was lack of accountability leading to dangerous short cuts.

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