University of Southern California Riverbend Community and Population Discussion

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This is part three of the project and will be incorporated into your final assignment. Please review the elements needed for the final paper in Unit 9. In this section, you will develop and write the purpose, questions, methods, sample, and instrumentation for your data analysis. Complete the following for this assignment:

Community Need: Analyze (in two pages) using chosen data, the community needs that your chosen organization services and include the following:

  • Identify which data you will use to analyze the community needs.
  • Describe what is lacking in the organization or what needs are not being met.

Questions: By this time you likely have questions about the data you found. Propose questions about the data regarding how a community’s needs should change. In this next one page section, write the questions you want to ask about the data.

  • For example, what has been previously done? What has been successful? What is the data showing regarding the community need?
  • Speculate about the results. Hypothesize that if you implement X, then Y will happen.

Methods: The third section of this report is the methods section. Examine instrumentation used to collect and analyze data for your community issue. Describe step-by-step what you will do and which instrument, such as observations, surveys, and secondary data, you will use to analyze the data. This section is written in future tense and should be two to three pages in length. Include the following:

  • Address any ethical concerns regarding the use of data, such as personal identity, in general, or concerning your chosen data to analyze a community issue.
  • Discuss the ways by which the data was collected, such as surveys, observations, door to door interview, and social media poll.
  • Explain the ways by which the data was analyzed, such as using a data analysis software program, a balanced scorecard, and SWOT.

Note: After you have completed the data analysis, this section will be rewritten in past tense for the final paper.

Sample: The sample section describes the people involved in your data analysis. Present the data in a written or graphic format, regarding the demographics of your participants involved in your community issue.

  • Present data regarding the demographics of the participants (for example, sexual orientation, age, race, religion, social economic status, et cetera).
    • This could be presented as a chart, pie graph, bar graph, line graph, et cetera.
  • This section will be from one to three pages, depending on the number of variables you might have (male, female, homelessness, veteran, et cetera).

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