UCSD Adolescence and Moral Development Case Study

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Q: A woman is near death from cancer, A druggist has discovered a drug that doctors believe might save her. The druggist is charging $2,000.00 for a small dose–10 times what the drug costs him to make. The sick woman’s husband, Heinz, borrows from everyone he knows but can scrape together only $1000.00. He begs the druggist to sell him the drug for $1000.00 or let him pay the rest later. The druggist refuses, saying, “I discovered the drug, and I’m going to make money from it.” Heinz, desperate, breaks into the man’s store and steals the drug. Should Heinz have done that? Why or why not? Where there other options for him? 

*Read the above Scenario, and answer the question. 

*Think about moral reasoning when answering the question in bold.

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