Personal Statement Nursing School Discussion

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Hello! My name is Elise Castro and I am excited to start this course. I have one dog that is a rottweiler and he is 12 years old. I am in my junior year of college. My career goal is to become a registered nurse, more specifically, a labor and delivery nurse. I was planning on pursuing the nursing program here at VVC, but recently my sister moved to Arizona and I am thinking about continuing my education at a college near her. I think if I go and visit where she lives then that will help me come to a decision. I have taken about ten online classes throughout my college career, so I am quite comfortable with taking this online course. I know how to schedule my time with an online course and I also always have a journal specifically for my schooling, so I can keep track of assignments and what is due on certain days. I live in Wrightwood which is a little far from VVC, so that is why I’ve taken many online classes. 

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