How Stacked Is Your Deck Game Essay

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 play the game, “How Stacked Is Your Deck”. You can do this informally but do follow each step and calculate the numbers. Access the exercise here.

You will play this alone, begin under the Illustration Instructions. You will play yourself. Create another the opposite of how you see yourself. Provide each of you (self and alter-self) a deck of cards as instructed. There is no need for the third person or a third deck of cards.

Work your way through each section: environment, education, nutrition, parenting, college, and discrimination. Exchange cards as directed for both hands.

Evaluate the differences between the hands based upon many factors a person cannot control.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

Calculate each ‘self’s’ salary

What type of job category would each ‘self’ be placed in?

Determine how much money will be left after mandatory living expenses for each ‘self’

How will these finances impact your children, the next generation?

Share your thoughts about the ethical impact of ‘stacked decks’

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