Historical Issues Cold War Intelligence Operations Discussion

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INTL 200 Intelligence and National Security Spring 2020 Issue Topic Research Paper/ Historical Issues Cold War intelligence operations and analysis

Research paper need to be on Historical Issues Cold War intelligence operations and analysis

Sources for the research paper:




Assignment:Select and research an issue relating to Intelligence and National Security; and state and argue a position on the issue.Students will support their arguments and position with facts and expert opinion gained in research.Papers may focus on the intelligence-related aspects of current or historic events, or on specific concepts relating to the practice of one or more elements of Intelligence (Collection, Analysis, Covert Action and Counterintelligence).Selected topics may include concepts raised in the assigned readings and classroom discussions, or on issues not previously covered.The primary limitation is that the topic must clearly be relevant to the conduct of Intelligence in National Security.Students will clear their topic with the instructor to ensure relevance to Intelligence and to avoid duplication. This assessment need to be more five pages.

Writing Assignment Criteria:

Student research papers should conform to the American Psychological Association Style Guide.In particular, the papers should meet the following specifications:

Numbered pages

Double-spaced lines

12 pitch font

One inch margins

Papers must be primarily (~80%) the original work of the student, with all data and expert opinion gathered in research properly cited.The focus is on the student’s ability to integrate and synthesize knowledge gained from research, and to communicate analysis and conclusions effectively.

Grading Criteria:

  • Written Mechanics and Quality (25 points)
    • Length of Paper
    • Paper Overview and Summary
    • Grammar and Spelling
    • Well-written
  • Analysis (125 points)
    • Thesis
    • Key Arguments
    • Supporting Evidence
    • Conclusion
    • Synthesis
    • Consequences and Implications

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