Grand Canyon University Social Science Questions

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Develop a comprehensive, well thought out classroom management plan for the case of Khalil and his family that would support improved behaviors. You are free to be as innovative as you like but please reference your approaches and provide context.

Case Study Summary

Khalil is an incredibly happy, energetic, eight-year-old boy. Prior to moving from south to west Jackson, Khalil had severe challenging behavior. He and his family were physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted and in desperate need of help. His parents tried strict disciplinary actions and punishments, but nothing seemed to work with their youngest son. They felt like they were failing!

Now Khalil is starting second grade at a new school and his parents are nervous that he will have trouble adjusting.  He is the youngest of three and enjoys sports and video games.

Problem Behaviors

Likely to tantrum (prolonged whining, crying, screaming, and dropping

to the ground) and then sometimes throwing an object when someone places a

demand to go somewhere. When he tantrums and throws objects, he is sometimes

allowed to continue playing or the transition of going somewhere is prolonged.

This results in temporarily escaping the transition or delaying “going


  • Likely to tantrum (prolonged whining, crying, and screaming) or throw

objects when he is asked to share toys or an activity. When he tantrums or throws

objects, he is then given the item back that he had previously or allowed to

continue playing or he is given a preferred item or activity. This results in adults

withdrawing demands.

The Classroom Management Plan should be detailed and includes all components of classroom management for this particular case study. You are to use professional judgement and resources as needed. The CMP should be well thought out for effectiveness and an engaged learning environment. In order for a CMP to be successful there must a complete understanding from the student on each of the guidelines set in place. The CMP should be as detailed as possible so that the teachers can follow their plan to ensure that the education environment is conductive to learning for all students.

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