Erikson First Stage of Trust vs Mistrust Discussion Response

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Discussion response 

For my example of Erikson’s first stage of Trust vs. Mistrust, I will be using an imaginary child. My imaginary child Gary, while going through his first stages of development, his parents/caretaker have noticed that he has a very sporadic feeding schedule and he can be very fussy when he doesn’t get what he wants. The parents/caretaker are constantly tending to his irregular feeding and even have tried getting him on a feeding schedule. Gary is beginning to respond to the feeding schedule and will only fuss occasionally. During play time, Gary is very interactive and seems to like exploring the things around him. He is very playful and likes when new things are introduced to him, especially by his siblings which are close in age. Only when told no or disciplined by his parents/caretaker for negative behavior does Gary act out and throw a temper tantrum.

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