CSU Occupational Health and Safety Administration Discussion

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Witnessing firsthand the revised Subpart R and how it was influenced by labor unions and the economic impact of fall protection during the connection of steel members, the only way to get anything passed and agreed on is to divide it into smaller subsections. It was always disheartening to see my employees tied off during leading-edge work, but the roofers on a 5 story residential condo across the street were not tied off.

Federal construction has adopted EM 385 1-1 and performs work at the same level as the lessor OSHA minimum standards. I would like to see OSHA get more aggressive at updating its construction standards to match EM 385. If OSHA truly believes the COVID ETS was to protect “ALL” employees from the effects of contracting a virus, then the same level of regulations need to be applied across the board.

In other words, we need to remove the politics from OSHA and let the organization do what it was developed to do and that was to decrease the number of preventable accidents, even if that means creating additional vertical standards and increasing punitive punishment for those who still fail to comply.

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