Complete 350 word Social Work Discussion

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Discussion 1: The Role of Assessments in Improving Behavior and Academics

Three weeks into the school year, a problem-solving team meets to discuss several students. One student, Aleah, is a seventh-grader who had received Tier 2 interventions for most of sixth grade. By the end of the year she had shown progress academically and socially and, so, had been moved into the Tier 1 universal group. This year, however, Aleah has already been sent to the principal’s office twice for pushing other students in the classroom and has received several detentions for swearing in class. The teachers are concerned with her academics so far and want to prevent future problems, both behaviorally and academically.

What kind of data might be collected about Aleah that would inform her teachers, family members, and other key individuals in her life about her behavior and academics? Is it more important to focus on her behavior, her academics, or both?

For this Discussion, you explore the role of systemic assessment in developing interventions that improve both behavior and academics for students like Aleah. You also create a tool that will help you evaluate whether an assessment system is adhering to MTSS best practices. In addition, for Part 2 of this Discussion, you begin developing an assessment system checklist that you will submit for feedback early next week for Discussion 2.

Part 1

To prepare

·Review the module Learning Resources on assessments that improve both academics and behavior.

·View media and how data is collected within the learning environment.

This is the reference that goes with transcript if needed:

Walden University, LLC. (Producer). (2012d). Student behavior in a multi-tiered system of support [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author

Post a memo of your findings in which you will share with the principal that explains:

·The need for a systemic assessment approach

·How and why you need to convene the group to create an assessment system.

·How you would lead the leadership team to create an evidence-based assessment system.

·How you would guide the team to assess the effectiveness of the system you designed. 

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