Chestnut Hill College Management Reflection Paper

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Write a two paper reflection answering the following questions in apa Format

  • Identify one function of management that you think is the most important for a human service manager.Explain why this management function is so important for a successful human service agency.
  • If you were appointed to be the director of a program for clients who were addicted to alcohol or other drugs, what would be the most important outcomes that you would identify for all of your clients.How would you want the clients to be transformed as a result of participating in this program?Be sure to identify and explain at least three outcomes.
  • In Question #2 you identified several outcomes for a program.Suppose you were now going to decide on the best methods for helping the clients succeed.What steps would you follow in the process of deciding on the best types of services to provide?What questions would you ask yourself?
  • You have learned about several different theories of management, from bureaucracy to human resources models to systems theory to contingency theories.If you were managing a program, how would you decide on the best management model to use?Does one of the models seem to you to fit best with your own personality and values?

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