Brite Divinity School of Texas Christian The Quality of a Learning Process Discussion

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This assignment is for a technology grant proposal project. There must be a need for the technology grant you are writing about based on research. It must be a “real” technology plan that a school district would be interested in pursuing.  1.3 Policies, Procedures, Programs & Funding Candidates research, recommend, and implement policies, procedures, programs, and funding strategies to support implementation of the shared vision represented in the school, district, state, and federal technology plans and guidelines. 

Funding strategies may include the development, submission, and evaluation of formal grant. proposals. (PSC 1.3/ISTE 1c Instructions As specified by PSC 1.3, writing grants is an effective strategy for acquiring funding for technology projects and initiatives. Writing this grant will demonstrate your ability to design a technology integrated project and a budget that aligns technological resources to instructional priorities. 

For this assignment you will complete a technology integration grant proposal template. Your responses to the questions on the template may be used later in an effort to obtain funding for the technology project you design. You will not be required to submit your project for funding during this course; 

however, it would be excellent for you to do so in the future! The grant proposal project will be evaluated according to the evaluation/scoring rubric for the grant application. To earn an A, there must be evidence of a need for the project and intent to submit the grant for consideration. Such evidence includes significant and literaturebased detail for the project description, technology integration, assessment elements, timeline, and funding components.

I have attached an example grant proposal that my professor shared with the class.

Whenever you mention digital tools (computers, drones, video cameras, etc) you must give details about the tool.  Such as students can benefit from using the sony smr because it allows students to upload videos recorded to the web.  Digital tools should focus on assistive techology especially software applications created to help bridge the digital divide.

Ok, thanks.  Just focus on one to two specific tools and give v

The assignment is to write a grant purposal

I was expecting the writer to come up with the grant opportunity for students

based on what i teach but you still used the digital tool of a camera

I mentioned before to come up with a different digital tool that does not involve cameras, drones, or computers

That message is at the top of this chat

Did you look at the example i sent you?

E. The Needed Materials For The Project The needed materials will be video cameras, computers, drones, and handheld devices. The students will be required to go through online materials so as to prepare for the classes.

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