AU Changes That Heal Discussion

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Read chapter 11 in part IV of Changes that Heal, “What is the Problem?”.

  1. Watch the video “Case Study Clinical Example CBT: First Session with a Client with Symptoms of Depression (CBT Model).
  2. Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following discussion prompts:
  3. Give a general description of what the problem of good and bad is according to your text. Why is this important and how does can it affect a person’s well-being?

Based on the knowledge you gained from the reading, discuss the difference between the ideal self and the real self and how they are impacted by the ability to sort out good and bad.

  1. Give two examples of how people respond to the challenge of trying to sort out good and bad. What cognitive distortions (wrong views of self, others or the world) can arise from a failure to sort these out effectively?

After watching the video, describe how the ideas in the reading could be applied to working with this client. How might you approach engaging the client? What would you look for in assessing the client? What cognitive behavioral or other therapeutic interventions might you use to intervene? Briefly discuss each of these areas, referencing ideas from the reading and applying them to your thoughts on the woman in the video.

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