ARU Cambridge and Chelmsford Human Sexuality Psychology Paper

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please respond to carlene with 100 words

One of the sexual problems I have heard a lot about is male erectile disorder. ED is when the penis has difficulty in obtaining an erection during sexual activity, difficulty keeping an erection, or maintaining rigidity. This problem can occur at various ages in a man’s life but can increase with age. Most men feel embarrassment, rejection, or shame when they face ED because it can make them feel less masculine and this affects them emotionally. ED stems from a combination of physical, psychological, and social factors. Medical issues such as blocked coronary arteries or circulatory problems can contribute; anxiety, depression, and relationship problems can also be factors. Men should consult their doctors for the best treatment to help with erectile dysfunction but most solutions for helping someone with ED would be medications such as Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis, among others. I think that society views ED as an older man’s issue, most likely because this problem isn’t usually being discussed with others. As men get older we tend to hear about them needing Viagra or some other medication to “get it up” or “stay hard”. This sexual issue is pretty common in most men of varying ages and should not be embarrassed but I can understand the stigma and emotional distress it must cause to guys. Hopefully you have an empathetic partner that can help you seek out the best solution for this issue.

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