Ambria College of Nursing Ethical Subjectivism Paper

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Ethics, Cultural Relativism and Ethical Subjectivism

Briefly describe the theory of cultural ethical relativism based upon your reading in the Rachels text. What are the main ideas and components of ethical cultural relativism? Provide quotes from the text to help you illustrate them. Cite them as follows– (Rachels, 32).

Evaluate one major problem a proponent of ethical relativism faces. (In other words, describe an objection to the theory and discuss any reasonable responses a proponent of the theory could make.) Is it possible for anyone to say that any society’s code is morally superior to any other’s? Why or why not?

Provide a definition of ethical subjectivism and compare and contrast it with cultural relativism–how are they similar? how are they different?

Finally, detail how a cultural relativist and and ethical subjectivist would address the question of Robert Latimer’s murder of his daughter Tracy Latimer (basic information is on page 8 of the Rachels text)

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