ARUCC Social Science Real Estate Book Chapters Discussion Response

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Please respond to ateel  


Getting closure with our textbook to read on the next couple chapters. One chapter is about agencies and the listing agreements. The next chapter is the listings package & Breakdown of listing Agreements. 

Key Concept from Chapter 3

First, chapter three is strictly the agency and listing agreements chapter of the book. Broker relations signed listing and the right to a commission was explained throughout these paragraphs. (pp.70-72). The sellers may be held liable for a commission if they refuse buyer’s offer.

Key Concept from Chapter 4

Second, chapter four is more on the listing package & breakdown of listing agreement. As the real estate professional, I must disclose all the forms in the listing packet. The different forms include (AD) Disclosure regarding real estate agency relationship, (PRBS) Possible representation of more than one buyer or seller, (WFA) wire fraud and electronic funds transfer advisory, (RLA) Residential listing agreement, and (SA) seller’s advisory. (p.93) The listing package is known as the basic five forms when taking a listing in real estate. 

Key Concept from Chapter 3 or 4

Third, I learned in chapter four how to be more useful as an agent. When helping with a listing you help the client with market value on property. Determined by sales in an open market will give the client’s exchange value on their real estate property from the agent.


Last, I am now able to understand on how listings process should go. As a agent both you and I have the obligations to perform tasks effectively. Understanding the forms after doing them repeating in a real-life scenario the listing agreement will be second nature. I feel like this is an area worth studying closer on. I do say so myself because I have an upcoming student video due in my BRE-101 real estate practices course. 

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