ARU Real Estate Principles Discussion

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Real Estate Principles 

The beginning chapters are all about setting the foundation for the chapters that lie ahead for real estate law. Chapter one will discuss the introduction to law and how it finds a place in real estate. Chapter two will talk about the nature of the real property and the different aspects of the land.

Key Concept from Chapter 1

Everything has a back story and with the history of law starts the English. As the English started to settle into the New World so did their way of Law and legal institutions (Huber pg 5). In the text, Huber states that common law was inherited directly from the English. The common law is the body of law which derived from judicial decisions rather than statutes or constitutions.

Key Concept from Chapter 2

The second chapter of Real Estate Law discusses real property and what it means for the owner. The concept of land and how you are able to use your property is important to know. The best way to understand your land is to think of it inverted pyramid leading to the center of the earth (Huber pg 59). The owner of the property has the right to anything they find within their property lines including things like coal, oil, and minerals.

Key Concept from Chapter 2

Chapter two also discusses the air rights that will come along with your property lines. In the Air commerce act of 1926 and the Civil Aeronautics of 1938, it was declared in congress that the United States Government has almost full control of America’s air space (Huber pg. 60). The owner of the property is still able to use the air space above their land as long as it won’t disrupt the air traffic.


Both of these chapters give great beginning insight into the world of law related to your property lines. Chapter one is talking about the law and the real estate professions to introduce the concept. Chapter two gives a look into the subject of real property and what space you truly own.

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