Wk 1DV Individual Project

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  • 2–3 pages
  • Week 1 Requirement:Review the domestic violence (DV) wheel (also referred to as the Duluth model), discuss the categories, and give examples of each.Key AssignmentIn this course, you will assume the role of a domestic violence victim advocate. Consider the scenario of the King family. For the Key Assignment, you will draft a memo to your supervisor, outlining what would be the best possible intervention options for the King family. The memo will include the following components:
    • Outlining the key risk factors in the family
    • The DV phase the family is currently in based on the cycle of DV
    • A discussion of the teen dating violence experienced by Ashley
    • The ramifications of DV on Aaron’s behavior and criminal case

    The activities in each phase of this course will prepare you to complete the Key Assignment.Please submit your assignment.For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

    • Discuss the nature and scope of Family and Domestic Violence, including, but not limited to child abuse and neglect, intimate partner/relationship violence, and elder abuse
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