Mortgagee: First Star State Bank , law homework help

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In most cases, the financial institution the purchaser is working with will complete documents like a mortgage. However, in some situations a law office might be involved in the preparation of the documents. Using the Internet, locate a mortgage form Wisconsin. Then, complete the mortgage using the following information.

As you complete the mortgage information below, click the upload below which is a Promissory Note template that you can use as you complete the mortgage. 

Mortgage Information:

  • Mortgagor: You
  • Mortgagee: First Star State Bank
  • The information from your promissory note (the amount will be added next week after we complete the amortization schedule)
  • Property is located in your county and state
  • Legal description:
    • The parcel of land lying and being in Lot Six (6), Block Ten (10) recorded at Certified Survey Map 9, Page 23, (your county), (your state).
    • Parcel Identification Number, if needed: 0004-15976-02.
  • In the event you need to know this, it is homestead property and a purchase money mortgage.
  • Return the mortgage to First Star State Bank, 973 Main Street , (your city or town), (your state) (your zip code)
  • There are no covenants of title.
  • Use the assignment due date as the date for signing the mortgage, and remember you will be signing the mortgage.
  • You can use Jane Havel as the Notary Public, if needed. Jane is located in (your county) and her commission expires on May 15, 20XX.
  • If you need a name for the person drafting the document, use Attorney Mary Smith.

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