Employment at will contracts

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Yasmine works as an administrative assistant at Paint Works. Paint Works is a manufacturer and distributor of commercial paint. One day while taking a walk outside during lunch, Yasmine noticed one of her colleagues, Henry, dumping chemicals into the stream that flowed behind one of the company storage facilities. She looked over at Harry in a disapproving way, and Harry explained that he had been instructed to dump waste into the stream. Yasmine was terribly upset about seeing this stream polluted so she called the Environmental Protection Agency. The next week, the Environmental Protection Agency visited the facility and served Paint Works with a violation. Sarah, the owner of Paint Works began asking employees about how the EPA knew about the disposal of the paint. Henry told Sarah that he believed it was Yasmine because she saw him disposing of paint into the creek the previous week. The next day, Yasmine was fired for no reason. When Yasmine questioned Sarah about why she was terminated, Sarah told her that she could fire her for any reason at all because of employment at will laws and she refused to provide Yasmine with a reason for her termination. Yasmine believes that her rights have been violated.

Your law firm has agreed to represent Yasmine in this case. Your job is to draft a letter to her that addresses each of the following:

  • Discuss what employment at will means and further explain what her rights are in this case based on case law and current statutes.
  • Discuss whether or not Paint Works can fire Yasmine for any reason at all and tell her whether or not she has a strong case against her employer.
  • Are there any exceptions to the employment at will doctrine that would apply to this case?
  • Remember that the letter will be drafted by you on behalf of your supervising attorney.
  • Using the Rasmussen library and appropriate resources, use a minimum of 3 credible sources such as scholarly journal articles to support your letter. Be sure to cite your resources and include an APA title page and references page.

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