BUS 260 York College of Pennsylvania Breach of Code of Ethics Discussion

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This assignment requires to read a case (provided below). At its core, this lawsuit is reasonably simple: can investors successfully sue a company for the economic harm created by the public disclosure of the breach of a company’s code of ethics by its CEO & Chairman? Given this happened to HP, a company which constantly touted itself as demonstrating high ethics and compliance standards, the plaintiffs allege this could be relied upon to hold the company accountable for the breach because investors relied on this claim.

The requirements are:

  • Read the assigned case in its entirety for understanding
  • Assess the ethical and legal issues arising in the case from your perspective
  • Establish your personal position on the case (may be the same or different than the court’s decision)
  • Use the rubric to guide citing evidence to support your position and persuasively express it

Your final submission should be 4 – 6 pages long.

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