answer the question

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answer the following

  • Assignment 8
  • Assignment 9 (answer under California law only)
  • Assignment 12
  • Assignment 13
  • Assignment 14

Make sure to label your answer clearly so I know when you are answering each question.

There is no minimum or maximum length for your answer. But these are Brief Answer assignments, so they are lengthier than the short answer assignments you’ve done. Each answer should be at least a few sentences each, if not longer.

To earn points, it must be fully and meaningfully answered. Failure to answer each sub-part of the question will not earn points for the whole question. Also, the answer should be a written grammatically correct answer.

Read this:…

by the New York Times article on Testilying, concerns about the efficacy of evidence used at trial.

Discussion Question:

Post 1: No later than Wednesday 9/26 10PM, post whether you agree or disagree with the article. Give specific reasons that explain why. You must use at least two specifically referenced or cited examples from the article.

Post 2: No later than Monday 10/1 12PM, provide a response to a classmate’s post. It must be more than “I agree” or “I disagree.” It must provide a meaningful response that actually discusses a point made. For example, “have you thought of …,” “when you said X, it reminded me of Y from our textbook,” etc.

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