Measurement Validitych, law homework help

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Measurement Validitych4d1

1.Develop a narrowly focused concept, such as poverty, depression, or social support to test its validity.

2.Explain your chosen concept.

3.Identify three empirical research articles using a library search to find the most valid measure of your chosen concept.

4.Summarize your findings based on your empirical research.

5.Explore how valid the measure is and the basis for your rating of validity.

Probability Versus Nonprobability Sampling cj5d1

6.Explain, using examples, how sampling as a research method is used for statistical data analysis in criminology or criminal justice.

7.Differentiate between the advantages and disadvantages of probability-based sampling designs and nonprobability-based designs.

8.Explore whether any of the research described in Chapter 5 of your Fundamentals of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice text with a nonprobability-based design has been conducted instead with the probability-based design.

Probability Samples and Validity of Generalizations cj5d2

9.Describe the type of probability sample used in the study.

10.Draft a problem statement for a research topic relevant to criminology that could be used in conjunction with the probability sampling method you shared.

11.Differentiate the strong and weak points in how the sample was drawn in terms of how they may affect the success of the study.

12.Analyze your level of confidence in the validity of generalizations about the population based on the sample.

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