Touch Guise

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Dr. Jackson Katz is an internationally known author, professor, and filmmaker. He is also the founder of a gender violence education and prevention program for schools, the sports culture, and the military. He wrote a book called “Tough Guise” which explores the gender stereotypes our society has created for boys. He also narrated a documentary based on the book. Click here to access the 45-minute documentary.

For your initial post, consider and address each of the following questions after viewing the documentary “Tough Guise.”

  1. Where do you think your views and opinions of masculinity and men have come from?
  2. Jackson Katz presented much of what we now see as masculinity in our culture as a “pose” or “performance.” Do you agree with this? Why or why not?
  3. Early on in the video we learned that men commit 90% of murders, 86% of armed robbery, 77% of aggravated assaults, 86% of domestic violence, 99% of rape, 87% of stalking cases, and 61 of 62 mass shootings. Are you surprised by these statistics? Why do you think the overwhelming percentages of individuals who commit these acts are men?
  4. Who are men in public who you believe portray a positive or enlightened aspect of masculinity? Why?
  5. The video refers to a box — an abstract, confining structure defining the acceptable actions of “real” men. How do you believe this box has effected boys’ and men’s development, willingness to take risks, express feelings or form friendships?

For your response post, reply to a student who differed in his/her responses and discuss your thoughts related to that student’s points.

Due dates for your initial and response posts can be found by checking the Course Syllabus and Course Calendar. Need Help? Click here for complete discussion forum instructions.

Need Help? Click here for complete discussion forum instructions.

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