The following story entitled “Alligator River”.

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Read the following story entitled “Alligator River”.

In your post, please provide your answers to the question posed at the end of the story.

Explain why you give this number.

Here is an example:

Character Behavior Responsibility
Abigail 4 2
Gregory 5 4
Ivan 2 5
Sinbad 1 4
Slug 3 1

Abigail was ranked 4 on behavior and 2 on responsibility because although what she did was wrong, she did what she had to do to get to the other side to see Gregory. I don’t believe that her love changed for him because if it did, she would not have crossed the river.

Gregory ranked a 5 for behavior and 4 for responsibility because he should have been mad due to Abigail sleeping with the other man. He ranked a 4 for responsibility because he was not understanding for what Abigail did.

Ivan ranked a 1 for behavior and a 5 for responsibility for he should have gotten involved and taken her across the river. If he was in the situation, he would have liked the counterpart to take him across he river to see his love.

Sinbad ranked a 1 for behavior and a 4 for responsibility because his behavior and responsibility lacked. He was the most immature about the situation and should have been respectful and kind to just take Abigail over the river.

Slug ranked a 3 for behavior because he should not have sought out Gregory and beat him but ranked a 1 for responsibility because he did the right thing and was by Abigail side in the hard time.

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