Colorado State University Global Healthcare Issues Discussion

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You have just been promoted to the marketing manager of international  corporation. You remember in your marketing classes that intellectual  property, specifically trademarks and service marks, are very important  intellectual property that must be protected to ensure that your firm  does not infringe on anyone else’s marks. The courts have determined  there are a broad range of trademarks and service marks. As the  marketing manager, you need to be aware that parts of brand names or  other forms of product identification may qualify for trademark  protection. Then address the following: 

  • Choose any intellectual property, such as patent, trademark, service mark, copyright, etc. and define and discuss.
  • Next, discuss when your company should protect this type of intellectual property and how you protect it.
  • Lastly, search the internet and library, and provide at least one  example of how you could pursue legal action if an international  business committed an intellectual property infringement.
  • Describe how this would affect the manner in which U.S. businesses would conduct business in that foreign country.

Be sure to have your document in APA writing style with references and at least 350 words, including the restated questions. 

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