BUS 241 UTD Develop Global Awareness Thinking and Code of Ethics Paper

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Directions: Develop an Organizational Code of Ethics for a company you either work for a fictional company or a known company you are interested in:

  1. Given the work-related attitudes and behaviors in the company you have selected :
    • Identify at least eight (8) principles, values, attitudes, behaviors, policies, etc. your organization should establish to promote ethical behavior and decision-making among its employees.
    • Explain how the Code of Ethics you propose will influence and affect your organization.
  1. Sometimes corporate decisions involve more than just legal versus illegal considerations. Think of various situations in which some ethical decisions are legal and some are legal but unethical. Hence, the difficulty for business in making decisions.
    • View the video: Ethics in America II – Risk, Reward, Responsibility: Ethics in Business at http://www.learner.org/resources/series207.html (Links to an external site.). In the video, eminent leaders from government, business, science and academia debate the following hypothetical cases that are drawn from the front pages of today’s papers.
    • Consider different situations that pose challenges to you and/or your company to make hard choices and decisions, which can fall within Legal and Ethical, Legal and Unethical, Illegal and Unethical, Illegal and Ethical, and use the following matrix to record laws, values, behaviors, activities, etc. manifested in different situations. Please make these business ethical decisions! ( example provided below. Please think about your choices)

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