Respond to question of law

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You are the in-house counsel at General Hospital. You have
been contacted by an attorney for a former patient of the hospital whose
inpatient hospitalization resulted in some harm to the patient. That harm was
memorialized in an incident report prepared by hospital staff. Your review of the
incident report indicates that the harm described by the attorney is consistent
with the harm described in the incident report. Based on your conversations
with the attorney, you believe a lawsuit is imminent. Because you believe it is
in the best interests of all concerned to avoid the cost of litigation, you
wish to consider methods of alternative dispute resolution. Prepare a memo for
the CEO/COO of your organization to review; your memo should address the
relative advantages and disadvantages of each method covered in the text, with
special attention to the issues raised in the journal articles.

Be sure to use
citations in support of your assertions. You may also cite cases or information
you find on your own, so long as they come from a reputable source – but you’ll
still need to address the assigned articles

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