LEGAL 500 SU The Value of Fair Treatment in the Workplace Essay

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Week 10 Assignment – The Value of Fair Treatment in the Workplace


In this assignment you evaluate and assess workplace protection legislation, identify the law pursuant to the employment-at-will (EAW) doctrine and legal exceptions and apply this understanding to a business scenario, and explain legal requirements for hiring new employees and your own home state laws as to workers’ compensation and immigration. 


Respond to the following in 4–6-pages:

  1. Cite two federal laws that you believe are      the most important for protecting employees from workplace discrimination.      Provide a compelling argument for the effectiveness of the legislation in      protecting employees and two case law examples to support your assessment.
  2. Explain the actions that employers must      take to verify legal employment in the United States.
  3. Some states do not allow undocumented      workers, or those not legally allowed to work in the United States, to      receive workers’ compensation benefits. Provide the law in your home state      and a compelling and supported (with research) argument advocating for or      against your state’s practice of allowing or denying workers’ compensation      benefits to undocumented or illegal workers.
  4. Provide a comprehensive summary of the      employment-at-will (EAW) doctrine that includes all possible legal      exceptions designed to fight wrongful termination.  
  5. Cite and support (with research) an      appropriate EAW exception that the employee in each of the following scenarios could      reasonably argue to save their job.
    • Scenario 1: JoAnn, a manager, started a blog on the company website for       employee grievances and problems. She noticed that a worker was       protesting that allegedly no Asian American employees had gotten a       raise in two years at the company. Christine, the employee, also criticized       how much CEO Elon had made last year and how he was “out of       touch” with the realities of his employees. JoAnn reminded Christine       that she was an employee-at-will. The next day, Christine talked to her       fellow co-workers about forming a union. JoAnn fired Christine and       Christine is suing for wrongful termination. 
    • Scenario 2: Steven, a department supervisor, fired his secretary,       Ann. Ann, devout Christian, had been putting Right-to-Life flyers in the       employee breakroom. Steven talked to Ann twice and reiterated her actions       were not appropriate. Ann continued to leave the pamphlets and was also       taking time away from work to pray at her desk during the busiest times       of the morning. Ann is suing for wrongful termination.

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