Management and Leadership and Practical Reflection, law homework help

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Stojkovic, our textbook author, identifies both management and leadership as process. For this discussion, research and report on the differences between management and leadership. How do these differences influence professionals in criminal justice organizations?

Determine what you want to do with your degree, specifically: where you want to work; what you want to do, and what motivated you to choose that job and place to work?


The difference between leadership and the management are constant in the present world. A manager is an employee of an organization who bestows the responsibility of carrying out the four major functions of management such as planning, leading, controlling and organizing. On the other hand, the leaders do not necessary occupy an office or hold a management position. A leader is simply an authoritative figure of an organization. A leader can be a regular employee.

Both the management and leadership are critical in criminal justice since there arise a need for the leader in the security agencies and also good management in the same security agencies is vital.

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