The American War against al Qaeda

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The American War against al-Qaeda

In your previous cumulative assignment, you examined the structure, history, and tactics of al-Qaeda.

For this assignment, you will return to
al-Qaeda and examine the methods being used to prevent their attacks.
Prepare a report that covers the following points:

  • Name the main US
    agencies that are involved in the fight against al-Qaeda. Be sure to
    consider agencies that operate overseas as well as those that operate
  • Analyze the nature of the organization’s
    involvement, if any, in the 2009 incident at Fort Hood and
    the 2011 attack at Benghazi. What evidence points toward or away
    from al-Qaeda?
  • Name the domestic
    terrorism component of al-Qaeda and explain the efforts of local law
    enforcement to respond to it. (New York City would be a good place to
  • Analyze and explain the
    pros and cons of aggressive domestic investigation, from the standpoint
    of civil liberties. Are law enforcement agencies using tactics that
    infringe on civil liberties?
  • Considering the recent
    death of Osama bin Laden and other efforts to fight al-Qaeda, speculate
    on whether this organization will be more or less of a threat to the
    United States in the next few years.
  • Analyze and explain how other DHS agencies and their
    missions might relate to the fight against al-Qaeda. For example, how
    do the missions of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) relate to counterterrorism?

Your report should utilize terminology and
background information from the course. Much has changed in recent
years, so be sure to use sources that are up-to-date. Support your
responses with examples.

Submission Details

Submit your report in a Microsoft Word document include a cover page, reference page and 5-6 pages of content

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